We are proud to sponsor bigBANG! 2021

The event will explore new economy solutions to social issues

The annual bigBANG! 2021 is a social impact event that brings together brilliant minds and diverse perspectives from the worlds of philanthropy, business, and government to explore solutions to equity and environmental issues facing our community and state.

It’s important. And you should be a part of it.

This is the seventh year that the firm has sponsored bigBANG!, although Bob Wright has been involved since Social Venture Partners Dallas started the event (this is the 13th annual). Wright Connatser and bigBANG! 2021 share common values, including the belief that equitable and lasting change can come from the interplay of business, philanthropy, and policy.

Oct. 25-29 are the dates of bigBANG! 2021, with sessions taking place online and in-person at Paul Quinn College and Pegasus Park. This year’s theme is The New Economy: Healing Our Divides.

You can learn more here. And registration is easy online.

We will see you there.