Mac Connatser’s quest to help Ukrainian refugee kids

His lemonade stand raised money for relief efforts

Mac Connatser has a broad world view, especially for a 10-year-old. He keeps up with the news and has been very concerned about the war in Ukraine, especially how it is impacting that country’s children. UNICEF estimates that one child a second becomes a refugee from the Russian invasion. Mac worried that they won’t have some place safe to go, with enough to eat and a warm place to sleep.

So Mac got to work. He organized a lemonade stand, and he targeted an audience that he felt confident would help – the congregation of the church where his family worships. On Sunday, March 13, he was ready. He set up his lemonade stand outside the Royal Lane Baptist Church to capture the attention of those attending services that day.

Lemonade was $1, but it’s a safe bet that many kind-hearted congregants paid more than that. In the end, Mac raised more than $1,400 that day for Save the Children. Since then, he has added to his total, with more than $8,000 raised to date.  That money will help a lot of Ukrainian children survive the ordeal of having their lives uprooted when the Russian army invaded their country.

Mac has been featured on the local news, as well as the YouTube channel of CBS’s Inside Edition.  He is hopeful that this publicity will generate even more support for Ukraine’s kids.

By the way, Mac is the son of co-founding partner Adam Connatser and his wife Aubrey, who is also an attorney. There’s a saying in their house that Mac has taken to heart: “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” We should all learn that one.

Do you want to help? Donate to Mac’s GoFundMe account, where he hopes to raise $10,000 for Ukrainian relief efforts.

Mac Connatser and his grandmother next to his lemonade stand