Learning experiences

Our intern shares her thoughts on her summer

By Gloria Solorzano

Gloria Solorzano has just finished her summer internship at Wright Connatser. She tells us about her experience.

The legal world, true to its reputation, can be very intimidating. That, in part, is one reason my summer internship was so rewarding. While my skills were being challenged at Wright Connatser, my desire to continue in the legal world was being nourished. This experience has changed me by creating a sense of security and assurance about continuing my education and then entering the legal profession.

I have more confidence in my work and the work that I will provide going forward. My legal writing and research skills have definitely strengthened, and the exposure to real world litigation disputes, business dealings and business entity formations was unparalleled. I firmly believe that being an attorney is equal parts writing, analytical reading, and strong communication skills, balanced with professionalism, humility, and humanity. I feel very fortunate that I was exposed to these attributes through my time with each attorney at Wright Connatser.

However, the biggest contribution to my development as an attorney that I took from Wright Connatser was understanding the importance of work-life balance and remembering to not get lost in the profession. The attorneys at Wright Connatser provided an example of the type of attorney I hope to be one day. They possess a strong commitment to their profession while still holding their personal values, family, and lives at the core of themselves.

The most memorable part of my internship was the personal interaction I was able to share with the attorneys. Whether it was Natalie (Brandt Moore) sending a weekly “how’s it going” email, Robin (Minick) asking about my goals and exposing me to real estate projects she was working on, Patrick (Tickner) providing daily mentorship about what to expect in my next two years of law school, Bob (Wright) allowing me to sit in on client meetings and ensuring to learn more about my goals while providing guidance, or Jasmine (Harris), the sweetest office manager, always sharing a smile and a chat. The genuine care and respect that I was shown at Wright Connatser was the greatest take-away from my time here.

The most unexpected aspects of this summer were truly the relationships I was able to build and the quality of projects I was trusted with. While that may sound ordinary, I know that both are rare to find in a first-year internship. As soon as the first week, I knew I was experiencing a very special internship which allowed me to work closely with the attorneys. While I did not know what to expect before starting, being trusted and appreciated consistently was absolutely the most unexpected and pleasant surprise.

The lessons that I have learned at Wright Connatser have made me a better person and future attorney and I’m very thankful.

Editor’s note: After finishing her first year at the University of North Texas Dallas College of Law, Gloria has been accepted to the Baylor School of Law will continue her legal education there. We wish her the best and know she will excel.

Robin Minick (left) and Gloria Solorzano