Doing well by doing good: Our thoughts on how to respond to racial inequity

By Adam Connatser and Bob Wright, July 7, 2020

The recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery have given most Americans a reason to react to racial inequity, either from the point of view of a person whose skin color has been a disadvantage in our country, or that of someone whose skin color has offered them a head start. Our first response was to ask why incidents like these continue to happen, and then we asked, “What can we do?”

Many businesses quickly reacted with calls for social justice, and we thought for a moment about joining the chorus. But, as we labored with what to say, we realized that our actions would speak louder, and that, in fact, they already did.

We pursue social justice and fight inequity from our core. Years ago, we met while working on a social enterprise project that we each believed was important to our community. Through that experience and others that followed, we discovered we shared a belief system that called us to balance working for a living with working for change.

We founded Wright Connatser to serve the legal needs of the small- and mid-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profits not optimally served by large law firms; we promised each other that we would represent only people doing business the “right” way; and we pledged that we would always work to serve the community we loved. We wove these values into our culture, mission, and purpose, and hired people who believed in them too. We do well by doing good.

One-third of our client roster is comprised of social service organizations, whether for- or non-profit.  Working with them helps us to see daily the deeply rooted inequities that remain in our community and the lack of opportunity for so many. We’ve been honored to serve our neighbors and humbled to see what can happen when under-served communities gain economic opportunity through jobs, skills training, access to capital, and a fair shake.

But, we know that there is still so much more to do for all of us.

Please consider ways you and your business can work for positive change in our community. Ask us if you want to hear our ideas about needs in Dallas. Tell us about what you’re doing (or want to do!) to improve our shared lot. Offer us your vision for a better Dallas.

Join us!