Steve Ellis


An avid outdoorsman and animal lover from Oregon, Steve came to Wright Connatser with a passion for helping small businesses and nonprofits. Steve uses his dual degrees in Finance and Philosophy to bring a unique perspective as he helps individuals and companies understand the complex world of financing, fundraising, contracts and negotiation.

Steve is a 2006 graduate of Willamette University School of Law and holds a Master of Laws in Environmental and Natural Resources Law from Lewis and Clark Law School. Prior to joining Wright Connatser, Steve worked as a trial attorney, a prosecutor and a defense attorney throughout Oregon. He gained significant courtroom experience, which he now uses as part of Wright Connatser’s litigation team.

A Dallas native, Steve returned home in 2014 with his dog, an English Pointer named Bill, and a desire to reestablish his Texas roots. He is bullish on Dallas’s opportunities for growth and believes that the area’s unique combination of creative entrepreneurs, nonprofits and cutting-edge businesses are primed to lead the nation through the 21st century.

Steve loves to read science fiction, southern gothic and the classics, has a staggering knowledge of esoteric factoids, is a connoisseur of caffeine drinks, and daily amuses his colleagues with “Only Happens to Steve” tales.