Natalie Brandt


Natalie started her career as a litigator in 2001 at DeHay & Elliston, a boutique trial firm in Dallas. There she spent two years working primarily on asbestos defense cases (affectionately referred to as the “Dust Docket”), taking over 200 depositions and spending a great deal of time making friends with the flight crews at Southwest Airlines during her weekly commutes to such exciting destinations as Corpus Christi and Beaumont.

In 2003, Natalie moved to Winstead, a large national firm, wherein she enjoyed years of practicing in multiple (and dust-free) areas of commercial litigation. While she found the adage that most cases settle to be true, Natalie has had significant courtroom experience.

Natalie joined Wright Connatser after several years working of counsel with the firm and consulting with the public relations firm, Perry Street Communications. She volunteers with the local non-profit, Circle of Support, as an advisor and legal counsel, handling matters from contracts to family disputes. She serves as local counsel for the Appignani Humanist Legal Center, and is a passionate advocate for maintaining the integrity of the U.S. Constitution’s Establishment Clause.

Natalie, also a certified mediator, brings litigation experience to the firm and a desire to help her clients find creative solutions to whatever issues they may have. In her free time, Natalie enjoys annoying her kids, running, cooking and getting on planes bound for almost anywhere.