Jasmine Harris


Jasmine Harris is Wright Connatser’s gatekeeper. Responsible for everything but practicing law around the firm, our attorneys often find they’re working for her. Eager to join the ranks of lawyer, however, Jasmine will be attending law school in the Fall of 2019, with plans to fulfill her lifelong dream of helping Texas children as a dedicated family lawyer.

Jasmine is a native of Fort Worth, Texas and a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha. She spends her limited free time mentoring high school and college students while completing her Masters in Public Administration from UT Arlington (2019). She has a stellar work ethic and an even better attitude. Her maturity and attitude make her coworkers forget sometimes that she is the youngest person in the office. They are quickly reminded each day, however, when she is universally unable to identify any pop culture reference prior to 2005.