Social Entrepreneurs

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Social Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurs innovate in order to create positive social impact. We are honored to leverage our expertise in this space to help achieve that goal.

Social entrepreneurs face a dizzying array of choices with respect to entity form (or forms) and financing sources, among other things. The business and finance lawyers at WC are uniquely qualified to counsel social entrepreneurs through these choices in order to most effectively achieve their objectives. We understand well the new hybrid business forms such as benefit corporations, L3Cs, social-purpose corporations and flexible-purpose corporations, as well as the requirements and process to achieve B-corp certification. We are also well-informed of the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing social innovation through traditional entity forms, both for-profit and non-profit.

The choice of entity through which a social entrepreneur achieves her core objectives has wide-ranging impacts, including on available financing sources, tax results and fiduciary duties. We are again pleased to offer seasoned perspective and advice regarding these matters to our clients.

In addition, a social entrepreneur faces the same challenges and opportunities that a traditional entrepreneur faces. We apply our work and experience counseling traditional entrepreneurs to likewise assist social entrepreneurs navigate the waters of their innovate endeavors.