Adam Connatser writes about returning to the office

Health issues kept him away

By Adam Connatser

Miss me lately?  I’ve missed you!

I experienced a health scare these past several months, forcing me to be away from the office and from work far more than I wanted to. I sincerely appreciate the kind thoughts and support many of you sent my way during that uncertain time. The good news is that my health is much better now, which also means I’ve returned to the office full time, and am able to devote more time and energy toward work.

The time away did provide me with the opportunity to reflect. It has given me new insights and perspectives on the working environments we create for ourselves, and the importance of the work our team does together. And it’s given me time and space to develop new work practices that I look forward to implementing now that I’m back. These include a much greater emphasis on relationships with clients and friends of our firm – the relationships that are at the core of who we are.

I know many other people have been deeply impacted by the pandemic as well – including health issues, family challenges, and changes in work routines. The past two years have sucked! But the experience has made us all tougher and more resilient.

Wright Connatser has changed while I’ve been away. It’s grown, and added new talent and expertise.

I am deeply grateful to my partner Bob Wright and the whole WC team for all their hard work during my time away. I’m excited about the timing of my return and invigorated to get back to work helping our clients do their part to make the world a better place.

In the coming months, I will post on this blog my thoughts on current legal issues and other matters of importance to our clients and communities, so please stay tuned.

I’m back!!!

Editor’s note: Adam is the co-founding partner of Wright Connatser Law. He can be reached at