A way to connect: Getting serious about our blog

We’ve always thought that we do more than “lawyering” at Wright Connatser. We like to think that we help connect people, ideas, and opportunities, in addition to providing sage legal counsel. During these hyphenated conditions (shelter-in-place, work-from-home, flatten-the-curve), the importance of staying connected is paramount. That’s why we’re getting serious about the blog on our website. It’s an opportunity to be in touch, dispense information and direction about topics relevant for now and beyond, and share what we’re thinking about (as we work from home in our gym clothes). And in return, offer you the opportunity to respond, engage, and connect. We also hope it brings you a smile or two and an occasional laugh.

We started Wright Connatser with the intention of being different, providing big law firm advice and counsel to small- and mid-size enterprises because their operations and issues are just as big and important to them. Thanks to our clients, we’ve grown during the past few years but intend to continue to be different.

Our blog will address issues specific to small- and mid-sized businesses, nonprofit organizations and other social enterprises. A guiding principle for our firm has been our commitment to social enterprise. We believed when we started the firm and believe it more fervently now that business can be the change the world needs. Our post-pandemic world will need strong, sound enterprises to make that change.

Watch here for more posts. We hope you enjoy them.

  • Bob and Adam