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Ivette Suster

Having practiced law in Colombia, South America and worked for immigration law firms in New York and Florida,  Ivette has focused her career in immigration and international Law. In her role as an Associate Director for International Programs at Stetson University, Ivette formulated strategic initiatives for the internationalization and cooperation development of the College of Law while enjoying working with international students and outreaching local and international organizations.

Ivette is a permanent contributor for a Colombian radio talk show “Perspectiva Internacional” where she analyses US/South America foreign policies, and discusses current issues affecting the dynamics of the international community.  She is a guest speaker in Colombia on issues related to international law, regulations and comparative legal systems, and corporate responsibility.

She loves to listent to immigrants’ stories as they enrich her understanding of the world.  Ivette is a global-minded advocate, and a firm believer in human rights, multiculturalism, and community service.  She is actively involved in various organizations and her contribution has been recognized with the Medal as a Colombian Jurist from the Comité Ejecutivo de la Abogacia Colombiana, the Human Spirit Award from Gulf Coast Jewish Families and Community Services, and Salzburg Global Seminar Award among others.   She loves cooking, foreign films, music, and enjoys traveling to different places in the world.  

Ivette graduated as a lawyer (Abogado)  from Universidad Externado de Colombia; she holds a Masters Degree in International Law from Stetson University College of Law, an advanced Certificate in International Business and Finances from New York University and holds a Liberal Arts Degree from City University of New York (BMCC).